Microsoft Office Ipad App, Simplify Your Office Experience!

Chris Waterhouse

Founder - Waterhouse Web
Created / Edited: 24.02.2021

The Microsoft Office app for iPad is here, combining the loved Office apps with some new additions in a simplified experience.

From the start of February, the new Office app for iPad was made available. It will allow you to use a single app to access all things Microsoft Office.

Previously, you had to download the Office apps individually, while on your iPhone were able to get the unified Office app. This new move means you can enjoy the same simplified experience on both iPhone & iPad.

While providing you access to the standard Microsoft Office applications, it also includes the new "Actions" panel.

Within "Actions", you can use quick-actions to transfer files between devices, convert images to text or tables, sign or scan PDFs, convert PDFs to Word documents and scan QR codes, to name a few...

A quick look at the Microsoft Office app actions menu

We are likely to see Microsoft slowly remove the various individual Office applications from both iPad and iPhone. If you are currently using the standalone Office apps on iPhone or iPad, this would be the best time to transition to the unified app.